Mealtime Solutions

Have challenge to prepare for healthy food your child loves to taste?

Here are some good books and websites addressing mealtime solutions.

  • Mealtime Solutions for your baby, toddler and preschooler
    (by Ann Douglas)
  • Homemade Baby Food Pure and Simple
    (by Connie Linardakis)
  • The Petit Appetit Cookbook – Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler (byLisa Barnes)
  • Super Foods for Children – Nutrients-dense foods for babies, toddlers and kids
    (by Michael Van Strten) 



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We are baby Joshua and Jonathan. Our births thrill the whole family like charming princes. Surely our amazing daily growth is impressive. Any speical time you spend with us will become speical memory. Therefore, this blog comes handy for everyone who knows us to write something about us so that we can read when I grow up. The more, the merrier... - Kiss and Hug from Baby Joshua and Jonathan.
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