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We are baby Joshua and Jonathan. Our births thrill the whole family like charming princes. Surely our amazing daily growth is impressive. Any speical time you spend with us will become speical memory. Therefore, this blog comes handy for everyone who knows us to write something about us so that we can read when I grow up. The more, the merrier... - Kiss and Hug from Baby Joshua and Jonathan.

Go Card Can Save Family Travel Cost

When you plan for family vacation in major cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angelos, San Diego, New York, Oahu…, you may consider to use Go Card to enjoy decent savings to many local attractions and theme parks.

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Welcome to visit us!  Redwood Shores Child Care and Preschool serve families with children 0-6 years old. We offer high quality child care and education service with specialty of Chinese English Bilingual and Montessori Education Methodology. Please contact us 650-888-7301 … Continue reading


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Ski/Snowboard Programs for Kids

Which ski place is the least expensive to get kids started? Which ski place offers programs for 2 year old? Which program has GPS unit included in rental for live tracking? Check out 2012 updates of kids ski programs. This … Continue reading

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Arts Crafts for Young Children

Here is the list of great arts crafts ideas to engage young children and have quality bonding time together.  Creative, practical and lot of fun…

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Is Your Child Swimming?

Splash in the water, learn the four strokes, or compete in a swim meet, swimming is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and ability levels. Swimming builds confidence, even stimulates a child’s appetite, so … Continue reading

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‘Pearls Of Wisdom’ – Inspirational Quotes For Parents

§  DON’T compare your child to a sibling or anybody else! §  Listen more to your kids and talk less §  ‘Men are what their mothers made them’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson §  ‘Children are the living messages to a … Continue reading

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Museums FREE

It’s July 4 long weekend. Parents can take their kids to some great museums free of charge. Happy Independence Day! Description: Free general admission to more than 120 museums nationwide on the full weekend of every month. Host/Location: various … Continue reading

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Language Fair Promotes Bilingualism

Families gathered at the Redwood Shores Library on 6/25/11 to attend the second annual Foreign Language Fair where rare books, crafts and language education opportunities were available. The fair featured Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Tagalog, Samoan, Vietnamese and many more. … Continue reading

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Infant Language Milestones

Here is a good summary of baby language development milestones. Birth to 3 Months Infants make a variety of noises, including crying, gurgling, and cooing. They recognize parents’ voices, become quiet when spoken to, and increase or decrease sucking in … Continue reading

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Mealtime Solutions

Have challenge to prepare for healthy food your child loves to taste? Here are some good books and websites addressing mealtime solutions. Mealtime Solutions for your baby, toddler and preschooler (by Ann Douglas)www.motherofallsolutions.com Homemade Baby Food Pure and Simple (by Connie … Continue reading

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Places to Shop Kids Arts/Crafts Supply

Below is the list of recommended shops where you can purchase good arts crafts supplies for kids. Learning Express Dollar Tree Morrison RAFT (San Jose & Redwood Shores) Discount School Supply (

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